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Nikki Parmenter - A Textile Journey

We are delighted that textile artist Nikki Parmenter will be joining us to give a special talk during this year’s Art Fair.

Nikki is a north-west based artist specialising in textiles and mixed media. Inspired by symbolism, mythology, stories, the natural world, different cultures and literature, she uses a wide range of media and techniques, including textiles, plastics, embellishments, upcycled elements, free machine embroidery and more to create her detailed and vibrant works of art.

Join her on a Textile journey and visit different countries and eras, including Renaissance Florence, Persia, Ancient Greece and Germany and see examples of her stunning artworks.

You can find out more about Nikki at

Nikki will be taking you on a textile journey on Saturday 28th May from 2pm-3pm. To reserve your (free) place, please visit the What's On page.


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