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Entering the final weeks

Well it's been quite a year this year for our little Art Fair Team. There are only 4 of us in the core organising team and we're realising that trying to do everything is IMPOSSIBLE! So we're following the rule of divide and conquer. One doing the catalogue, one organising the input of all of the Point of Sale for our new system, someone else doing all the organising of volunteers and yet another doing the sorting of the vast influx of art that will be hitting Macclesfield Town Hall when we start setting up on 22 September. We anticipate something like 1,000 items of art and craft being delivered to the Town Hall all of which need to be hung, displayed, labelled and ready for our Preview night.

We're really hoping to raise plenty of funds for the Hospice this year - we've had some amazing and generous sponsors and grants, all of which mean that we have covered our costs. Now we just need buyers! Hope you can make it along to see all of the amazing artwork on display.


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