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Rebecca Peters
Northern Art Consultancy

Based in Manchester, Northern Art Consultancy provides a unique advisory service to fit each individual client. Specialising in providing impartial art advice that solely focuses on your personal interests, tastes and budget. Requirements could range from which artist to buy to artwork proposals for commercial spaces.


Rebecca's aim is to work with clients to build an art collection that is not only an investment, but also acquisitions that you will enjoy having around. The biggest satisfaction from collecting art is being surrounded by pieces that you love.


After studying Fine Art and gaining her masters degree in Contemporary Curating from The Manchester School of Art, Rebecca worked for commercial galleries in the North West, gaining experience in art advisory. Rebecca discovered that she had a skill in finding the right pieces of art for her clients and founded Northern Art Consultancy in 2020. Rebecca brings her expert knowledge to Northern Art Consultancy specialising in identifying emerging talent in Manchester and is also a trustee for The Haworth Charitable Trust, which supports emerging artists in the North West of England.

First Time Buyers

We guide first time buyers into the world of art acquisition by leading them through the whole process of figuring out specific tastes and budget to gallery research and buying.


Northern Art Consultancy will guide you through the overwhelming choice of art that is available to you in Manchester. We will discover your personal collecting goals and what artwork resonates with you helping to develop your artistic eye. We can introduce you to the best artists in Manchester and provide curated tours to galleries, museums, fairs, auctions and artists studios.

Private Collectors


Advice with building onto an established collection to curating gallery spaces and assisting with hanging and installation.

Northern Art Consultancy will provide impartial advice based on your unique collecting requirements always putting your interests first. We will listen carefully to how you envision your art collection within your environment and provide an unbiased approach to helping select artwork.

Commercial Clients


We provide all logistical management, providing a smooth journey from the gallery to your exhibition space. We work with corporate clients on commercial projects and deal with all issues associated with buying or loaning artworks from advising on framing to the perfect lighting.


We oversee transportation and installation with a critical focus on curation integrating artwork into your space.

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